Rilis Distribusi : TinyME 2008.0

Versi stabil pertama dari TinyMe, distribusi minimalis berbasis PCLinuxOS yang didesain untuk komputer tua telah dirilis, mengutip dari pengumuman rilis :

2008.0 has been released! TinyMe is a PCLinuxOS-based distribution,
which is targeted at older computers and people who want a very light
and fast desktop environment. Although TinyMe comes as a small, 200 MB
ISO image, it provides tools for most everyday wants and needs: AbiWord
word processor; Opera web browser; Audacious media player; GThumb photo
viewer and digital camera application; Asunder CD ripper; easy-to use
Control Centers which make customizing the system and desktop look and
feel a snap; Sylpheed e-mail client; ePDFView, a PDF viewer; SciTE text
editor. TinyMe’s desktop environment consists of Openbox for the window
manager, LXPanel for the panel, Nitrogen sets the wallpaper, and iDesk
provides the icons.

Baca pengumuman rilis untuk keterangan lengkap. Download: TinyMe-2008.0.i586.iso (200MB, MD5, torrent).


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