Rilis Pengembangan : KANOTIX 2006-01 RC3

Kanotix Logo

Kandidat Rilis ketiga KANOTIX 2006-01 telah keluar : Kano has just released KANOTIX-2006-01-RC3. Improvements from RC2: has the newest X.Org 7.1; has the newest version of ntfs-3g; the bug in the installer by acritox has been fixed; UTF-8 is enabled by default; new my-pppoeconf script; boot splash now works by default. Known bugs: USB devices can be safely removed, but the live CD will not eject at reboot; with the live CD please enter the desired resolution in GRUB boot line; F-keys still don’t work in GRUB boot splash. Baca keseluruhan pengumuman rilis. Download: KANOTIX-2006-01-RC3.iso (698MB, MD5).


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